More than 30 years of experience.


As a son of a butcher, I always had the knowledge and the passion for quality on the meat business very close to me. With time, my father’s passion becomes mine as well.


I’ve been In charge for production and purchase of many companies with international projection.


AON Meat is the place where my experience, personal skills, and love for this business join, all for the service of our costumers.



Marketing of high quality local and imported  meat and derivative products for the whole country.

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International export of high cuality Spanish product.

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We have  our own warehouse in Mercabarna, (Barcelona) a strategic comercial point for our clients, beign directly linked with port, airport and main national and european highways. We are able to stock as much as 6000 frozen pallets and 600 cold pallets. We arrange our products in independent rooms in order to have a full range of temperatures of stocking.

Tanks to our agreement with Carbó Collbatllé, we are able to use 15 logistic platforms of supplying along  the national geography. This net of platforms grew and evolves regarding the needs of the local producers of every region.

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